IMBT Certified Practitioner for
Therapist/Patient Treatment Collaboration

As an IMBT Certified Integrative Somatic Practitioner, I work collaboratively with therapists, medical professionals and accredited certified sex coaches for patients with mind-body integration issues. I work with the IMBT Expanded Triadic Model. With the therapist as the leader, I work as the collaborative practitioner who can join you in session or work privately with the patients with detailed session notes and progress/ treatment plan meetings. Sessions can be supervised by IMBT Founder, Dr. Susan Kaye. 


Some of the sessions I offer for your patients/clients: 


  • Education in giving consensual touch and understanding the dynamics of safe, sensual touch exchange

  • Education and practice in consent around receiving and giving safe touch for patients who are healing boundary violation trauma

  • Embodiment practices for clients who dissociate from their sensual feelings

  • Embodiment practices for impulse control and addictive sexual patterns for clients to gain control, learn to relax into their sensuality and embody a calm, choice-driven relationship to their sexuality. 

  • Eye-contact, speaking skills and embodiment practices for dating for socially awkward clients 

  • Embodiment practices for clients healing the spiritual/sexual split 

  • Body Language education to communicate clear desire and authentic self, especially for clients who are socially awkward. 

* I do not offer partner surrogate work. Non-erotic, clothing on touch only. 

Certifications and Education 

Certified Integrative Somatic Practitioner, IMBT - supervisor Dr. Susan Kay  

Certified Urban Tantra Teacher, Barbara Carrellas

Ordained Interfaith Minister, One Spirit Learning Alliance 

Like A Pro- The Wheel Of Consent Practitioner Training, Betty Martin 

IMBT Certified Body Practitioner Vision Statement

  • To serve as catalysts for change in creating a more body-positive society.  To dispel myths about sexuality, and provide accurate, unbiased information.


  • To work collaboratively with medical and mental health professionals to advocate for effective sex education for the private and public sector.


  • To guide individuals to engage in intimacy without guilt and shame, and to create healthy, sustainable, bliss filled relationships.


  • To support men and women in creating caring relationships on all diversity orientations and identifications,  both on trust and acceptance and to view their connection first with themselves and then with other as a component of building a stronger connection to a higher consciousness.

- Copyright From Institute for Mind Body Integration, Dr. Susan Kaye.  
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