The Relationship Success Program for Men




My Relationship Success Program is so much more than just learning new techniques and skills; it's about seeing your life with a whole new perspective that will make dating easy, fun, and fulfilling. 

I offer compassionate & effective talk-based Virtual coaching that gets results for my clients. 










Are You Feeling Like...



* Dating use to be fun but now it's a chore 

*You are back out in the dating world again and have no idea where to start 


* Creating a great relationship is starting to feel like maybe it's not possible 


* The passion isn’t just gone from dating,  it’s missing from your life


* Your mojo is depleted and you don’t know why 


* You keep attracting people who aren't right for you 


* Your spark for romance has gone out 


* Went through a bad breakup and just don’t want to get back out there again


* Maybe a great love life just isn’t meant to happen for you


* You are tired of endless empty techniques and complicated rules.


If you answered Yes to these questions, the One-On-One Relationship Success Coaching Program will solve these problems. You are looking for a one-on-one coaching program designed specifically for you that has genuine depth and treats you like a whole and unique person.  You are tired of books or programs that don’t treat you as an individual and are just full of generic rules and techniques that don’t create high-quality results for your love life. 

My style is direct, down-to-earth and joyful.  You will be having so much fun you won't even realize you're deeply transforming your life until you look back on and see how much you have grown. 



Transform Your Relationships to Dating


My clients work with me because they want someone who can guide them in creating real life-long fulfillment, great relationships, and a beautiful personal relationship to love, intimacy, & sexuality.


What's unique about my approach is I take a holistic view that's personalized to you. If you are tired of pre-packaged rules, techniques, and tricks that aren't really about you, I'll show you how to create the life that easily attracts incredible relationships. 

The truth is the quality of the relationship we have with ourselves, with our values, our deepest desires, and our purpose in the world are the foundational keys to creating fulfilling romantic relationships. I work on this level exclusively. 


What qualifies me to coach you on dating, relationship & intimacy? 


  • Over the past 20 years as a Certified Tantra Teacher, I've worked with hundreds of clients one-on-one

  • I've dedicated thousands of hours in private practice as a coach, guiding my clients to unprecedented success in their relationships to themselves, to their bodies, to their spirituality, and in creating vibrant happy relationships with others. 

  • I am a Trauma-informed coach - many coaches don't understand the impact of trauma on our ability to accomplish our goals, especially in relationships. 

  • I coach from a balance of clinical training,  extensive fieldwork, and in-depth experiential learning. What I coach you on I didn't learn just sitting at a desk or through a light weekend training, it's from integrated, lived experience coupled with a mentorship with many of the best dating experts in the world. 


What People Are Saying: 

"Ivy was instrumental in helping me make significant and positive changes in my life.  With her perceptive and non-judgmental guidance, I was able to break patterns of behavior that were not aligned with my personal values.  I now feel more peaceful and fulfilled!  Ivy is always supportive and thoughtful and I couldn't have made these life changes without her.  Thank you so much Ivy!"  Kenneth /Canada 


" In the eight years I’ve known Ivy, she's helped me over many rough spots. But I will never forget how she helped me cope with my wife's final illness. I tried several alternatives and frankly, she was truly far and away from the best. I can’t say enough good things about what she did for me. Wonderfully accepting yet never at a loss for insightful useful suggestions. Her style was exactly perfect for me."  John/NYC-


Program Details


The Relationship Success Program is my One-on-One three-month private coaching experience for successful single men who are ready to find lasting love in a long term partnership. I take the pain and frustration out of dating so you can naturally attract your incredible match any time you want. It's my deepest joy to make your relationship goals an easy reality.

What the Program includes:

*Twelve 1:1 Private Coaching Zoom calls with me that are recorded for you to keep.

*Unlimited Email Support I answer within 24hrs

*Your personalized ideal relationship blueprint and action plan I create for you in the program for dating success that's unique to you 

* VIP Program Kick-off Day- an exclusive day on Zoom with me that includes the Fresh Start in Love Workshop & the Dating Mojo Workshop  ($4000 value)

*My exclusive  Dating Success Booster Calls : 15-minute before and after calls on any dates you go on during our coaching program. These calls are used for anything from helping to pick out the right thing to wear, to ironing out first date jitter to answering any questions that come up about how to make the date a successful one. And debrief afterward if you choose about what went well, what maybe didn't, and where to go from there. Get real-time support when it matters most!

*And the benefit of accountability, my detailed attention, and deep expertise. You can ask me anything & I'll guide you in the right direction with women.


You have extraordinary things to do in this world. A great partnership is a gift you give to the world as well as to yourself. What is it worth to realize the true potential of your life through epic love?

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